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Friday, January 15, 2016

Interior Design Wall Painting

Urban Wall Feature by G.Go Decorative
When you work with an interior designer, you're hiring an expert to design the look and feel of your home, to solve the challenge of selecting colors, and to select furnishings that create a theme.

At some point, after the fixtures and furnishings are established, you will discuss the overall colors to be used in the space.

Focus on the solution

For many homeowners, the most important challenge is color selection.
  • Picking the right colors that flow through your home
  • Picking the right colors that coordinate with your floors and furnishings
  • Picking the right colors that create the right energy
Curved Stairway Scrolling
Art Mural by G.Go Decorative
The great news is, most color challenges can be solved with wall paint!

However, walls play an even more integral part to your overall interior design project.

Wall design creates atmosphere and theme.

For example:
If you are a fan of European travel, your walls can be decorated in a subtle way that FEELS European. 

If you like the industrial look, wall design can give the industrial loft feel that ordinary paint just can't deliver.

Tuscan Vineyard Wine Cellar
Mural by G.Go Decorative
Empty Art niches and awkward accent walls can be highlighted as a feature art piece using decorative techniques and even large scale Mural Painting.

Set up a color consultation

Many Interior Designers will meet with you for a fee, to discuss your goals and provide ideas of direction for the future design of your space. If you are going to hire an interior designer, every bit of advice you get is what you really need, and it will be worth the consultation cost to get you on the right track (saving you tons of "do-over" dollars in the long run).


If you have picked your furnishings, flooring, fixtures and draperies, it's time for your color and wall design consult!

Contact interior design painter Gary Gomez with G.Go Decorative to discuss your project needs: